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Featured on TV commercials

That's right! Our pocket bikes are truly top-notch, and have been featured on national television commercials / promotions from Ruby Tuesday, SpikeTV, Red Bull and others. When it came time to film, their research showed that our pocket bikes were the only ones to be used in their campaigns and commercials.  No other company can make this claim!

*If any store ever tells you otherwise, call us and let us know. We will report them to those companies so that they can take legal action against that store for falsely using and associating that company name.

Is your Personal Information REALLY safe?
Every website claims to have some kind of certification to safeguard your sensitive personal information. Can they really protect you from Identity Theft? Try clicking on those certification badges and you will see that most of them are just a picture image designed to give customers a false sense of security.

Never purchase from a website that sets out to deceive you with false advertising!
Look for a TOLL-FREE Number
Our competitors claim to give the same level of customer support that we do. However, most of our competitors do NOT even have a toll-free number for you to speak with a LIVE person if you need help after your purchase.
Never purchase anything from a website that does not provide a Toll-Free telephone number!
Look for the availability of Parts
Our competitors claim that they will be there to help you if you ever need FREE replacement parts. Yet they do NOT even carry a single pocket bike part on their website!
Never purchase gas-motorized vehicles from a company that does Not stock spare parts right on their website!
Guaranteed EPA Approval / Exemption

We back our products 110%. Our Bikes, ATV's, Scooters and Quads are worthy enough for the United States Government to grant Certification and/or Exemption to all of our vehicles. If others tell you the same, ask them for proof of Certification.
Don't take a chance and buy an illegal pocket bike from somewhere else that will get confiscated by authorities!
The one that started it all -
Just because other companies name their vehicles similar to our's does NOT mean that it is the same product. In fact, they are most likely pushing cheap knock-off vehicles to unsuspecting customers.

MiniPocketRockets is the benchmark that all others are measured against. Look for our Logo to ensure that you are truly riding the best!

** We don't go by any other name! **
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* Remember, you can Safely place your order Online at anytime !
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