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110cc Mini Bikes

Our 110cc Mini Bikes are Born to Ride, Built to Last

Quality craftsmanship and superior quality are at the heart of all of our 110cc mini bikes. At MiniPocketRockets, our 110cc mini bikes are built to last because we use quality products that produce maximum durability for every class of rider. Plus our 110cc mini bikes can handle a heavier load. Don't be fooled by the others and choose one of our 110cc mini bikes that's simply superior.

110cc mini bikes

Our 110cc mini bikes are built for racing, so they are extremely durable and lightweight. What's more, they maintain a high strength to weight ratio and are extra-easy to clean. These factors all contribute to our 110cc mini bikes overall appearance. They look good right out of the box.

Choose from our Great Selection of Super Pocket Bikes

If you are looking for 110cc's of power, you've come to the right place. We offer up a triple threat of only the best and brightest 110cc mini bikes available anywhere including our R32 Viper Pocket Bike, X18-R Nitro Pocket Bike and the ZX1 Extreme Super Bike.

R32 Viper Super Pocket Bike

The R32 Viper pocket bike is a half-scale racing street bike made for the closed course. Designed after its larger counterparts, this next generation gas-powered mini bike offers an array of features found only in pocket bikes this size.

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X18-R Nitro Super Pocket Bike

The X18-R Nitro 110cc mini bike is the ultimate blend of form and function. Designed from the ground up, the X18-R Nitro bike showcases its radical design through a series of concave and convex planes on its sculpted fairings.

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X19-CR Dominator Super Pocket Bike

The X19-CR 110cc super mini bike is the Club Racing (CR) version of the X19. Lower stance, more torque, lighter weight and race-compound tires ensure that this is the best handling, fastest out-of-the-hole super mini bike in the 110cc class.

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70cc and 110cc DBX Terra Super Dirt Bikes

Available in different configurations of 70cc and 110cc 4-Stroke engines, the DBX Terra strikes the best balance between the small and lightweight agility of a pocket bike with the raw torque of a 4-Stroke super pocket bike.

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110cc mini bikes

125cc ZX1 Extreme Super Dirt Bike

The gem of this ZX1 Extreme Super Bike is its monster 4-stroke engine. 4-stroke motors are more powerful and responsive through the entire RPM range than their 2-stroke counterparts. This means faster acceleration and the highest top speeds allowed for pocket bikes this size!

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All 110cc mini bikes at MiniPocketRockets can reach some serious speeds, depending on the weight of the rider.

Our Bikes, Equipped for Fun

At MiniPocketRockets, all of our 110cc mini bikes come standard with an electric key start and are designed to be driven on a close course track. The R32 Viper 110cc mini bike is a half-scale racing street bike and is modeled after its larger siblings. This next generation gas-powered 110cc mini bike offers an array of features found only on other 110cc mini bikes. Designed from the ground up, the X18-R Nitro 110cc mini bike is the ultimate blend of form and function, this 110cc mini bike is inspired by its larger GP Moto sibling. The ZX1 Extreme 125cc mini bike was designed with every detail in mind.

110cc mini bike performance packages and accessories can be easily added to your order. Currently, all of 110cc mini bikes are in stock, including both models of the mini chopper. However, the 110cc mini bike sells quickly. All 110cc mini bike orders can be shipped direct to you within 1 to 2 business days. So, act soon, and you'll be on the road experiencing the thrill of riding a 110cc mini bike within days of your order.

If you can picture yourself in one of these sweet rides, the time to act is now. So, what are you waiting for? Get your 110cc mini bike today!

For any questions, please do not hesitate to call us TOLL FREE at 1-888-MPR-BIKES (1-888-677-2453).

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