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Please read the SAFETY section of our site before you race or ride these pocket mini bikes

Racing these pocket mini bikes and scooters can be the most fun you can have on two wheels. Because of their smaller size, less space is needed to sanction your own competitive events. Below are some suggestions and pointers for those new to the sport that has been popular for many years in Europe and Japan.

Organized and Sanctioned events:

  • check your local Go-Cart tracks. Many of these places are now offering events for pocket mini bikes. This is the safest way to compete, as there are trained staff and crew members to supervise the events.

Suggestions for your own events:

  • gather a few of your friends for some sunny and clear daytime racing.
  • find an abandoned parking lot or get permission from businesses that have big parking lots; Schools, College Campuses, Malls, Plazas and Event Stadiums are some suggestions.
  • make sure the pavement is dry and smooth with minimal concrete parking stops, speed bumps and islands. The best racing grounds are those without any of the above obstacles.
  • make sure there are no other moving vehicles, animals or people that may obstruct your racing route.
  • buy miniature pylons and cones to set up your track. Ten cones should be sufficient to set up a decent sized track.
  • when riding, and especially when racing, make sure you are wearing the proper safety equipment in case of a mishap.
Basics for riding fast:
  • make sure your bike is well maintained and well lubed. Proper tire pressure, chain tension, gas mixture and throttle adjustment can make a big difference in speed between two otherwise identical pocket mini bikes.
  • cleaning your air filter and spark plug regularly can also keep your pocket mini bike running at its optimal speed.
  • adjust the handlebars to the height and angle you feel most comfortable when riding and cornering. This will help in your speed and endurance during a long race.

Basics for cornering:

  • the physics of these miniature bikes are the same as their larger counterparts, only on a smaller scale.
  • it is best to adjust your foot pegs so that it will not come in counter with the ground as you lean your pocket mini bike into a turn.
  • never use your rear brake in a turn. Locking up the rear brake in the middle of a turn can cause your bike to slide and oversteer.
  • when approaching a sharp turn, gradually lean your pocket mini bike into the turn along with your body weight. Everything should happen smoothly with no abrupt moves. As you hit the apex of the turn, you can gently and progressively tip in the throttle for the highest exit speed.
  • a common practice in taking a very sharp turn is to look for a virtual fulcrum (or pivot point), pretend to anchor yourself to that point with a string, and tether yourself through the turn using that point.
  • with practice, many riders are able to lean these pocket mini bikes through a turn, dragging the inside knee on the ground. This is done to give the rider an idea of where his or her bike is relative to the ground and provides the fastest cornering speeds.

With a little research and planning, this can be a very thrilling hobby. Organized events in your area may have sanctioned races, where there are actually structured qualifying and heat races with different classes for different pocket mini bikes and riders (bikes classed by motor displacement, modifications, etc).

Happy Racing,
The Team at MiniPocketRockets

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