EPA Approved & Certified
  EPA Approved & Certified
  This Race Vehicle Is Legal For You To Own

Most every single pocket bike, super bike, dirt bike and quad MiniPocketRockets carry is legal to own in the United States. We provide all stickers, affixations and documents needed to prove that your vehicle is legal to own.


What does this mean to you?
MiniPocketRockets is the only company that guarantees the legality of your vehicle. When obeying your local laws, this vehicle cannot be confiscated by authorities. ( FOR REGISTRATION ELIGIBILITY AND INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DMV )

Numerous people who purchased vehicles from other companies had it confiscated. After purchasing our vehicles, they tell us that not only are MiniPocketRockets' vehicles much faster and have superior build quality, they also have the assurance that it will not be taken away from them by authorities.

Why don't other companies follow our lead?
We are the leading Mini Vehicles Company in the industry. If other companies claim to have certifications and exemptions, ask them to show you proof. Simply put, our engines have the actual approval stamps right on the vehicle. Theirs do not!

Remember, at MiniPocketRockets, our staff owns, rides and races these vehicles on a constant basis. We take pride in our products, and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that our Vehicles and Customer Service will be the benchmark that all others will be judged by.


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