pocket bike sizes
Our mini vehicles come in three (3) sizes. The first size is the ATV Class, which is the largest. The second size is the Super Class ( X19-CR, X18-R, R32, ZX1 ), which is almost as large as the ATVs, but narrower due to it being a motorcycle. The third size is the Mini Class ( ALL POCKET BIKES ), which tends to be the lightest and most agile of all vehicles.

The person depicted above is approximately 5'6" standing next to all 3 class sizes. Even a rider over 6' tall and weighing 250 lbs can ride and race pocket bikes in the Mini Class. Below are actual pictures of racers in competition racing pocket bikes, ranging in height from 4'1" to 6'2".
pocket bikes
Child on Mini Class Bike
pocket bikes
Adult on Mini Class Bike

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